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FFXIII-2 Lightning Costume
FFXIII-2 Lightning Costume
FFXIII-2 Lightning Costume

FFXIII-2 Lightning Costume

May 2012

Costume made after the character Lightning from the famous series, Final Fantasy XIII-2. It's the first costume I made entirely by myself.

The armor is made out of wonderflex. A material very new to me but I found it really easy to work with. Wonderflex is a thermoplastic that you can mold when heated.

The sword and shield are also made out of wonderflex, with a thick, foam core.

A lot of white, turkey feathers were used for the feather cape (more than 100), sewn on by hand on a piece of white cloth. The smaller feathers on top are glued on with a hot glue gun.

The roman-like skirt was made of fake purple leather and the gold pieces of wonderflex.

I used a bought leotard, which I sewn purple leather on for the straps around my middle and the bigger leather piece on the back. The straps that keep the chest and back armor around me are loose but can be attached to the armor pieces to keep them in place on my body.

For the lower leg armor, I used knee high wedge boots, which I modified and detailed with wonderflex.


Photo 1 & 2 by: The Bat's Photography

Photo 3 by: Komory-bat