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LR:FFXIII Lumina Costume
LR:FFXIII Lumina Costume

LR:FFXIII Lumina Costume

July 2013

Costume made after the character Lumina from the famous series, Lightning Returns:Final Fantasy XIII.

This was a difficult costume to make, despite it's looks. This because, when I started, there were hardly/none good reference pictures of the costume yet and I had to make everything out of small video clips and the first released pictures of the character. It's still not entirely correct to the original, but pretty close to it.

I mostly used fabrics I already had at home plus some shiny, black fabric for the top I cut from some clothes I didn't wear anymore. I ordered a lace glove online and editted to the character's.

Her jewelry is made of silver, fimo clay and the crosses from foam, painted silver.

I made a leg dummy of my own leg so I could easily paint on all of the crosses on the leggings. All crosses are painted on by hand.

The 'clock-hands' on the shoulder and shoe are made of worbla (a thermoplastic which can be molded when heated), painted black.

All of the feathers are handsewn on the costume. The dark-blue feathers around the gloved wrist were later added.


Photo 1 & 2 by: Real