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LoZ Female Link Costume
LoZ Female Link Costume

LoZ Female Link Costume

November 2013

Costume made after the character Link from the famous series, the Legend of Zelda. This is a costume designed by me, but derived from the original character, who's male.

I used a cotton-like fabric for the green tunic/dress and hat and broken white tricot for the shorts and leggings.

The belts and gloves are made from brown, fake leather. The little pouch is made of craftfoam, covered in the same brown, fake leather.

The little, golden icon on the belt is made of worbla (a thermoplastic which can be molded when heated), painted gold.

Old shoes were used and editted to fit the character. The elf ears were bought online and given the 'skin' color with make-up.


Photo 1 & 2 by: Coscon Pics