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Starseeker Replica

Starseeker Replica

July 2012

A replica of Serah Farron's weapon from the series, Final Fantasy XIII-2

One of the first, complicated props I made since it's fully transformable as can be seen in the pictures and the little movie-clip.

The main materials that were used are: different sizes MDF wood, Greyboard, Wooden sticks, Split pens, Elastic wires, Wonderflex, PVC pipe, Magnets, Paperclips.

This prop started out by analizing it's original design. After making a fitting blue-print, it had to be transfered to the materials. A laser cutter was used to cut out the thinner parts of the prop, while the ticker (blades) parts were sawn out by hand.

Everything got filed and sanded to it's form before getting it's paintjob, which consisted of many different colors of spraypaints. The smaller details were later painted on by hand after the prop was constructed.

The crystal is made with wonderflex (a thermoplastic which can be molded when heated) and spraypainted silver. The wires for the bow-form are made of elestic-wires, connected to paperclips, which were formed into little hooks that go in the blades.

The prop has a slide-able handle where the wires are also tied to. When pulling the handle, it looks like you're ready to fire arrows, which make it look more realistic.